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About me

I began my focus on curly hair after years in the industry, and realizing my love for it and the need for it.  Over 65% of the world's population has textured hair, yet cutting curly hair is still not taught in beauty schools.


I incorporate various methods based on your unique texture, style, and needs.  I believe in enhancing curly hair instead of "fixing" or "taming" it. The European beauty standard in our culture has always made me angry. People are waking up. Cosmetologists learn on a straight haired European model. That doesn't work for everyone, and has caused a lot of damage. As more and more hairstylists learn how to take care of every texture properly, more people will love the hair they were born with.

I approach every client service like a collaborative art project. I believe in keeping up with what is going on in the fashion world and on the street, and getting all of the advanced education I can.

My background includes:

The Mona Cut®  @themonacut

RëzoCut® & RëzoLites @nubiarezo

Cut It Kinky @iamblackgirlcurls

Jayne Matthews @jayne_edosalon

Kara Williams @haircolorkilla

Leysa Carillo @forevercurlsacademy

Evan Joseph @evanjosephcurls

DevaCut by Lorraine Massey @curlyworldllc

Curl Cult® Vegan Perm @curlcult

I received a B.A. from UNT where I studied Art and Design. After living in Austin for sixteen years, I decided to come back home. 

         ~ Madelaine

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