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Curly Cut or Transformational Cut + Education

$240  2hrs

Curly Cut or Transformational Cut (no education)
$180  90min

Curly Cuts or transformational (major change)

Hair is cut dry in the natural way you wear it. Hair is then cleansed, conditioned, dried, and styled curly. Cut is then detailed once dry, a very important step. This service also includes:

education on proper products for your hair type and needs

styling techniques and tricks

detox and any deep treatments as needed

This service is an investment in the future of your hair, and goes beyond just the cut received that day.

This version does not include education, but does include styling. Great for return clients or the new client not interested in the educational part of the service.

Please come to the appointment with hair loose, not pulled up or back, free of tangles, and 100% dry. Use your normal styling products. 2nd or 3rd day hair is fine, if protected during sleep.

Most clients only need a cut every 3-6 months.

All genders. All textures. All ages.

Razor Shag

$150  90min

In love with the modern shag made popular by Jayne Matthews? @jayne_edosalon These usually take less time than a curly cut, as the hair is cut damp with a razor with the intention of air drying. 

Hair is cleansed first, cut wet with tension, then hand styled and dried.
Ideal for thick wavy hair and looser curls. Due to the tension, it is not ideal for tighter curls.

Most clients only need a cut every 3-6 months.

All genders. All textures. All ages.

Budget Friendly
Cut Session

(no education or special styling)

$120  60min

This is a service I've added as an affordable option. Priced at $120 for 60 minutes, this option provides a cost-effective alternative without the added education or styling found in a 2-hour curly cut. Ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance approach, with benefits for clients using minimal products, having short hair, or new to curly cuts. An excellent introductory choice for those who may be uncertain about a larger investment.

Please arrive with your hair styled as you typically wear it: loose, not tied up, free of tangles, and completely dry.

Express Cut Session
(for returning clients)

$90  45min

A dry cut only for return clients that have seen me within the last 4 months. I do not offer Express Cut Sessions for first time clients or major transformations.

It is vitally important to come to the appointment with hair prepped correctly for this service:

styled loose, not pulled up or back, free of tangles, 100% dry and free from build up.​ Style as you normally would with your product lineup.

Curl Cult®
Vegan Perm 
(consultation required)

cost estimate at consultation

Wish you had curly hair, or just a little more bend to your strands? Perms are back y'all, but this one is different:

Created by Janine Jarman, founder of Curl Cult®. 

Vegan perms don't use any animals or animal byproducts in their formulas or testing. The Curl Cult perm is paraben free, and sulfate surfactant free. Amino acids are used to reshape the hair, unlike ammonium thioglycolate that was found in perms of the past. It's much safer for the hair, client, and stylist, as well as producing healthy, natural-looking results. Additionally, it has pea proteins in the perm, a super-effective vegan protein that helps protect the hair and bonds during the process.

Color Services 
(consultation required)

cost estimate at consultation

Balayage ~ Hand-Painted Highlights

Custom Color

Gray Coverage

In-person consultation required

All genders. All textures. Must be over 18

I do not do fantasy colors.

I have an excellent referral for that :)

My pricing is based on the industry standard, my experience in the industry, specialized education I've acquired, and cost of doing business.

Prices are non-negotiable.

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