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Curl-safe Products

I can only recommend and carry silicone free, non-toxic products made without excessive oils and butters.

I do not recommend any drugstore brands, homemade concoctions, keratin treatments, or DevaCurl.

Hairstory New Wash

"The new way to wash hair allows people to discover their hair for the first time – probably since childhood. And hair that is so dramatically transformed required us to rethink styling products to encourage hair to do what it wants to do, not force it."

"By moving from “big beauty” to the small, hands-on realm of our own clean formulations…by sustainably sourcing and meticulously processing the purest ingredients…by helping to educate beauty and wellness professionals and consumers on the hidden toxins in conventional hair care products…Innersense Organic Beauty began its caring path."


Other Products & Tools

links to products and tools

I personally recommend


the best clips for lifting roots

during air-drying for added volume


you will need at least two of these

for a trick to add volume at the roots

once your hair is dry

hood dryer.jpeg

great investment & time saver

especially for thick hair


great mid-price dryer by Sam Villa

 diffuser not included

great for fine hair

has a much lower heat setting than the dyson


diffuser for the Sam Villa blow dryer

sold separately


even mist spray

for refreshing looser curl types & waves


the best microfiber towel

thin and absorbent

great for plopping


best detangling brush for thick hair


best detangling brush for fine hair


styling brush for defining curls

this brush is not meant for detangling


handheld shower heads

make wash day so much easier

this one is smooth all around, free of anything that will get caught in your hair

inexpensive & easy to install


budget friendly clean line

cleansing conditioner

for those that need to wash their hair daily

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